Art Finance. Statement 7

Publicado el 14/07/2006

The Capitalism to Come is a complex, unpredictable system completely alien to Humanism.

The Capitalism to Come is the capitalist system as it works in the Society of Information building itsef in a Global World thanks to the Informatiom and Comminication Technologies (ICT)

These three novelties transform radically the capitalist system of production andd distribution. In sense Perfect Competition is finally here after centuries of waiting.

Godot is finally arrived or the Mehsia has come in one of its disguises. In this final instance as a kind of gigantic financial system tha works automatically and dissipates all possible rents.

Everybody will have 15 minutes of fame and these brief episodes will give every human being enough income to live e long and terrified life infected by "cultural malaise" unless we recognize it.

Now, Humanism as the idea that man occupies the center stage and can modify the world in its own benefit is completely dated. Mankind finally accepts that, as any other species, we are inexplicable manipulated by the very same group we actually help to conform and shape.

But so is Art in spite of artists.

Artists and economists can be humanistic and can even care about their neighbour, but in the coming economic sustem they will not have the evidence of its imprint in it. They, we all, are completelly dispensable.

And I feel happy and laugh. A little bit hysterically I confess.