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Art Finance. Statement 6

We are mesmerized by the pholosofical dilemma dilemma between two diferent theories of truth: The Correspondence Theory of Truth and the Coherence Theory of Truth.

Is`nt the last one similar to a possible Aesthetic thory of Truth?

The crucial point seems to me is whether reality can be constructed or not. In case it can we could quite reasonably abide by the traditional theory of correspondance. Withiut it we just justify it in terms of tendencies or limits to be attained.

In the mean while it seems to me that the alternative correspondence theory is very appealing since it seems to fit the “reality” of actual sciences better

But the latter theory of truth opens itself to almost everything, including aesthetics.

So the point is : could we have an aesthetic theory of truth?

I am inclined to answer yes and to close with the following question under this hipothetical theory of truth hat would be the difference between dicovery and explanation?

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