Art Finance. Statement 5

Publicado el 10/07/2006

**Under the influences of the so-called ICT, all pervasive en the Knowledge Society and in a globalized world, capitalism will be irrecognizable.

The capitalism to come will be like a Leibnitz´s monade: i) self rerencial: markets are quoted and trade in the market; 2) there are bubbles, even those lasting forever (?) like the positive value of fiat money;and 3) the freudian cultural mlaaise is experienced.

In this near future world tere is no surprise in the emergence of power networks. We need to overcome the cultural malaise and protect ourselves from the extrange vagaries of free markets.**

As for Art it is not difficult to grasp that it is a mystery, and misteries produce fear and that fear calls for mutual protection among the powerfull.

More or less the same thing that occurs or will occur in the capitalism to come