Premio FUE a la Diversidad en investigación económica

Recojo literalmente el acta de jurado del Premio FUE a la diversidad. Se puede ver aquí, pero la reproduzco aquí para que se lea más. Está firmada por Claude D´Aspremont, Salvador Barberá y Juan Urrutia y dice como sigue.

The FUE-Diversity Prize Committee is happy to announce his decision to award the 1rst Diversity Prize to Professor Alan Kirman.

This is to acknowledge the wide range of interests, the broad views and the quality of Professor Kirman´s research, as well as the variety of his pioneering contributions.
His work covers many fields, from mathematical economics and microeconomics to macroeconomics and international trade.
He has written at the highest theoretical level, while also pioneering in the detailed empirical analysis of specific markets.
He has been a contributor to the hottest lines of research, while at the same time also opening new and yet largely unexplored avenues.

To elaborate on the richness and variety of Professor Kirman´s work, let us mention that:
– he has cultivated normative economics, contributing to the theories of fairness and social choice;
– his work on the representative consumer and on the core place him among the most sophisticated contributors to the
Golden Age of General equilibrium theory;
– his early work on trade and his recent one on volatility and bubbles mark his continued concern to address the world’s most pressing issues and to shed light on them from a creative angle;
– he has been active in the discussion of scientific policies in Europe and their impact on economic research;
– finally, he has been pioneer in the incorporation to economic research of new ideas, at early times in their development: this includes his early work on learning, on networks and on the study of markets.

For all of this, we are proud to announce the concession of this diversity prize to Professor Alan Kirman.

As an addendum to the decision, we also want to say that there were other highly qualified candidates. We thank them, and the colleagues who presented their applications. Their participation made our task more difficult, but it holds the promise that this prize can continue to be awarded to high level economists for years to come.

The jury reccommends that all researchers who were already presented as candidates be retained as such for the next edition, in addition, of course, to any others who might be proposed.

Since the decision was backed by an in-depth bibliometric study, we had a rich discussion about the objectives of the prize, the different possible meanings of diversity and the variety of methods to quantify it in terms that also give weight to quality.
The Foundation intends to keep improving the methodology used to build a diversity index and hope to get inputs from the ASSET community regarding this issue.

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