Economics and Ontology.I: introducction

Tony Lawson is an unorthodox economist affliated to Cambridge University. Somebody who has spent an enormous amount otf time and effort in critisicing the way mainstrean Economics unfolds and trying to characterize the way a really scientific Economics might be developed. He visited us this week and gave a couple of seminars at the UAM.

I found some of his ideas challenging and I think it is worthwhile to ruminate them. I will do that in my own benefit in three parts beyond this introduction.

As an intoductory remark let me just say that Lawson claims to be a methodological pluralist as I said in a previous post that intended to be nothing but a pun. However he declares himself a realist ( so opposing any kind of postmodernism) and more specifically a trascendental realist. That is, he claims to be somebody who not only accepts the existance of an undeniable reality out there, generally described as a set of regularities, but also really wants to find the deep causes of this observable regularities

In the next post I will try to render his uprisal of the present state of mainstream Economics.