Economics and ontology. Appendix 1

When young and thriving we thouht of ontology as something related to the world of essences we wanted to scape. We wanted to move on from Aquinas to Carnarp or Russel so to speack. And we certaily did without looking back or feeling any kind of nostalgia.

But recently certain philosofers of science or of Economics in particular have toyed with the idea of going back to ontoloy and some others have made of it their main research topic. So be it.

But all of a sudden one realizes it is not only a kind of sweet tolerance which alows ontology to live. And an sneaky feeling starts creeping in. What if this apparently backward move actually was aking to one of the most trendy movements within mainstream Economics?

I refer to Network Theory as away of understanding many phenomena which are not related to the functioning of the market but rather to the emergence of this particular institution and ,more generally, to many interesting social facts whih are not intermediated by markets.

Let us recall first what David de Ugarte said two or three days ago on the blogsphere. In his theses 4/5/6 he argues that the the real media is not one blog but the blogsphere itself, that this blogsphere is divided into different groups non of which is going to be the influential one forever because these sungroups change all the time and that the structure of this collection of blogs is distributed and not merely descentralized.

Let us ext move to the way I explained Lawson´s ontology in the third part of this series. The social domain, an emergent realm made by us,was like a set of social groups intrinsecally dynamic, characterized by the rules and pratices followed in them and in which each one of the individuals forming part of any group is situated, i. e is internally related to any other, if related at all.

I will not bother to underline the similitudes of the two notions under consideration. It seams to me obvious tha the blogsephere, as describes by de Ugarte is a fitting exaple of the social realm of Tony Lawson.

Now, since the bolgsphere is a network I seriously think we can learn something about ontological economics by trying to analyze networks. I want to first discuss a particular dynamics of the reshufling of groups within the social domain and then apply it to a aprticular point of feminist economics.

So I have for two other appendices.

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